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Residents Say Guard Rail Needed in High-Traffic Area

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RALEIGH — After a weekend accident where six people were seriously injured, some people who live in a high traffic area in the eastern part of Wake County want more re-enforcement.

Residents say guard rails in a median at the intersection of Highway 70 and Guy Road could mean the difference between a fender-bender and a multi-car pile-up.

Residents say it is time to see what can be done to to prevent more accidents from happening again.

Saturday afternoon, Betty Beverly was inside her home when this weekend's accident occurred.

"I heard skid marks and bam bam bam," Beverly says.

What she saw was three mangled vehicles, which left eight people injured and six in the hospital.

Witnesses say a pick-up truck rear-ended one car, which crossed the median, and hit another car head-on. The pickup truck flew through the air, and landed upside down behind the Beverly home.

"It's not safe," Beverly says of the stretch of Highway 70, which she says is missing something.

"If somebody hits someone, they'll knock them across the median and they're gonna get it. They need a median guard rail or something."

Medians serve as barrier between the double lanes of many state highways.

Another resident, Doug Ellis, says the barrier might help keep cars from landing in his yard.

"Putting something in between the lanes out there would keep them from knocking them from one lane into another lane," says Ellis.

A spokesman for the Department of Transportation says that DOT engineers will study the area, just as they do after any major accident, to see if any changes need to be made. Factors to consider, include how fast vehicles are traveling and how wide the median is.