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Local Family Responds to Clinton's Proposals

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RALEIGH — Say "tax cuts and families," and chances are that parents everywhere will want to know more.

President Clinton used those buzz words in his State of the Union Address Tuesday night, but one local family wants to know how they will save money on taxes this year.

The Creekmore family is like many families -- a tax cut will definitely help, as will a break on college tuition.

Clinton's plan sounds good to the Creekmores, but there are still many questions in the back of their minds.

Ande and Nancy Creekmore know that the president's words can determine what kind of day Ande will have at the office during the next few days. Ande is a stockbroker.

"Programs that he initiates like the Roth IRA have an impact on my business," Ande said.

But beyond dollars and cents, the Creekmore's most valuable investments are their two children, Nicholas and Matthew, two reasons Nancy decided to be a stay-at-home mom.

"I feel I'm giving my children something they can't get otherwise, the support of having a parent at home," Nancy said.

The president got Nancy's attention with talk of a tax break for stay-at-home mothers, but the highly touted education IRA program falls short in Ande's view.

"[With only] $500 per year, even with growth from the stock market, you're not going to send your kids to four years of college at $500 over 18 years," he said.

Ande would like to see the president raise the limits on the $500 cap on the education IRA. However, Ande is not very confident the president can even get enough support to pass his initiatives.

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