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Durham Police Make Major Drug Bust

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DURHAM — Durham Police cracked down on crack, and made one of the biggest busts in the Bull City.

Chief Teresa Chambers announced Thursday that a three month undercover drug investigation withDrug Enforcement Agentshas led to the confiscation of luxury cars, drugs, money and the arrest of more than 20 suspects.

"Drug trade has been in the city a long, long time," Chambers said. "We have a history - this is a major dent."

Police say two of the suspects, 34-year-old Michael McAdams and 29-year-old Angel Morales, managed two of the city's most notorious crack dealing organizations.

"These are folks that have been in the business a long time and have worked their way to the top, and we've taken them out," Chambers said.

Chief Chambers says the involvement of DEA means that some suspects face federal charges that carry prison sentences. Reporter: Cullen Browder