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NAACP's Peace Patrol Protects Durham

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DURHAM — TheNAACPwants to take back some of Durham's troubled neighborhoods. Their solution is a band of citizen volunteers called the Peace Patrol.

The Durham NAACP's Peace Patrol is hitting the streets as part of a simple solution to a very complex problem. They say they want to save some of the Bull City's worst neighborhoods.

Their numbers are small, but they're trying to stop drugs and crime by being visible.

"Everybody that pretty much has spoken to us has been very receptive," says Rev. Curtis Gatewood. "They seem to understand because, number one, we usually try to introduce ourselves anytime we see someone, and let them know who we are."

By day, the neighbors say they appreciate the effort. But they urge the helpful volunteers to be careful.

"Be on your Ps and Qs and watch out for people," says Durham resident Fred Parham. "Don't let them approach you too closely and just be aware of people."

The Durham Police Department is also concerned.

A spokesperson tells WRAL the department met with some leaders of the Peace Patrol, and urged them not to be aggressive or approach anyone that appeared to be involved in a dangerous situation. They don't want any trouble to come from the well-intentioned effort.