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Former Wayne County Deputy Accused of Having Sex with Female Inmates at County Jail

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GOLDSBORO — A recently retired Wayne County deputy faces several sex-related charges. Bobby Braswell is accused of having sex with female inmates at the Wayne County jail.

The accusation that had been brewing for about four months came full circle Wednesday morning when Braswell turned himself in.

He went before a judge who explained to him what the charges were. Braswell was released on $50,000 bond.

Sheriff Carey Winderssays his department is feeling a deep sense of betrayal.

For 15 years, Braswell was paid to protect the people of Wayne County, but theSBIsays he was breaking the law himself by allegedly having sex with female inmates at the Wayne County jail.

"I am disheartened over this. Many of my officers are dismayed. This does hurt the entire department," said Winders.

Braswell resigned in April, just two days after Winders first heard the allegations. After a four-month investigation, Braswell turned himself in.

Now, the SBI has turned up 22 charges, including 12 counts of having sex with inmates, nine counts of crimes against nature and one other related charge.

Braswell was not a jailer, but as a detective, he had access to the jail. The sheriff says if the charges turn out to be true, the former detective has betrayed his department and the people he vowed to protect.

"No matter how you conduct your life, whether you are on duty or off duty, you are a deputy sheriff 24 hours a day, and you must conduct yourself in a proper manner," said Winders.

The sheriff also pointed out that no other officer in his department has been accused of anything like this. It is all centered around the allegations against Braswell.


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