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Pollen Prints Could Help Police Catch Criminals

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DURHAM — If you are cursing the green goo that blankets everything this time of year, here's a silver lining: pollen can help catch a thief.

Follow the tell-tale trail to find the pollen; usually, it is the perpetrator--attacking the young and old. The charge? Respiratory assault!

Durham Police see the powdery scum in a slightly different light.

Thieves come in the middle of the night leaving evidence they don't notice and you can't see. Then the pollen blows down on everything in the morning, revealing evidence police can use.

Technician Angela Berry has processed a few pollen prints in Fayetteville. The evidence has not solved any crimes...yet. But, "if the detectives have a suspect, oh yeah, I'll be able to match them," Berry says.

A dozen officers and technicians took a class at the Durham Police Department Friday; they learned how to use a different tool for catching criminals: Super Glue.

"This just helps to find prints that normally we would think are impossible to locate," Durham ID Technician Warren Allred says.

The super glue technique can be used 365 days a year and is very reliable.