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Vandals Attack Durham Businesses with Marbles

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DURHAM — Durham Police say a group of teens armed with slingshots are shooting at buildings with marbles. Ten buildings have been hit and damaged including convenience stores, restaurants and even a church.

In Durham at the intersection of Holloway Street and Miami Boulevard, two businesses have shattered windows.

The customers atChurchs Chickenfelt someone was shooting at them when the marble came smashing through. TheFamily Dollarstore was closed when its window was shattered.

Vandals also shattered the glass door at the United for Christ Church.

"I don't know what makes people think it's all right to do, but again it was businesses and our church. It's just like I said. It's just the way it is. Nowadays people don't have a lot of respect for anything," said Pastor Deryl Bowick of the United for Christ Church.

Durham Police say it looks like someone used a high powered slingshot loaded with marbles to do the damage.

"The velocity of the marble that came through this glass and shattered the window, if it hits someone in the temple, it can penetrate the skin. If it hit someone in the right part of the body, it can be lethal," said Wade Bowick of the United for Christ Church.

As the church and the businesses wait to get their glass replaced, Durham Police say they are serious about catching the culprits.

"If people think that it is too small-time for us not to notice, they're wrong. We want to know who did it. We want to know who affected these businesses. It may be just a child's prank, but let's put it in court," said Cpl. Fran Borden of the Durham Police Department.

Durham Police say they think the vandals were riding in a red or burgundy truck with a camper shell on it. Anyone with information is asked to call the Durham Police Department.

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