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Lions and Tigers and The Blair Witch Project

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DURHAM — Success breeds success. In the case of the "Blair Witch Project," success breeds parodies. Some Triangle filmmakers are combining the "Blair Witch Project" and the "Wizard of Oz" in what they call "The Wicked Witch Project."

"It just came to me one day while I was scrubbing my scalp, and here we are six weeks later, household names," said co-producer Joe Barlow.

Hardly. Barlow and Kevin Darbro are keeping their day jobs, but they do have a Web site touting the "Wicked Witch Project" and a plan to film their parody this month.

"I'm hoping for terrifying. I want people to see this and absolutely be scared of the "Wizard of Oz" forever and ever," said Darbro.

The Web site sets up the story, sort of. "Wizard of Oz" characters are parodied. Dorothy decides to search for the wicked witch and disappears forever.

"People have said, including some people that are tied to the actual Blair Witch movie, that ours is the funniest parody they've seen," said Darbro.

However, nobody has seen it yet. The very low-budget, 20-minute film will be shot with an old home movie camera and a camcorder just like the "Blair Witch Project."

"I loved the "Blair Witch Project." I thought it was one of the most innovative things I've every seen," said Barlow.

"Wicked Witch" will have posters, T-shirts and even an audio cassette.

"Songs that have nothing whatsoever to do with the film but are nonetheless marketed as a companion album in true Blair Witch style," said Barlow.

The cast is ready, and cameras will role in the Triangle soon. Barlow and Darbro hope their movie is successful and will lead to other, more serious projects.

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