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Visitors Offer Prayers and Condolences at John F. Kennedy Sr. Memorial

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HYANNIS PORT, MA — As the search continues for the Kennedy plane, people poured into the Hyannis Port area to pay tribute to the Kennedy family. People say they feel drawn to the area and feel a need to be there.

Visitors from across the nation offer their prayers and condolences. At the John F. Kennedy Sr. Memorial, the notes and flowers tell the story; people were there Sunday night because of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Being at the memorial was very emotional for some visitors. By listening to the voices at the memorial, it is evident that this incident has even had an effect beyond American shores.

"I am originally from Greece," says Angelo Stefano. "In Greece, we loved Kennedy. Everywhere, in India, in Russia, everybody loved Kennedy but it is a very unlucky family. Everything bad happens to this family."

Some came to pay respects, some to make memories, some to pray.

Kristin Dobson, 11, prayed "that everyone on the plane is alive and safe. I hope we will find them soon, rescue them, and they are all right."

There is a quote from John Kennedy Sr. around a fountain at the memorial. It reads, "I believe it's important that the country sail and not sit still in the harbor."

From speaking with the people at the memorial, it is that spirit that they believe has kept the Kennedy family together tragedy after tragedy. It is that spirit that will keep them going now.

"It's a loss," says Margaret Stefano. "It's a loss that can never come back, but hopefully, they can pull through. They're a strong family; they will pull through."


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