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Ronald McDonald Missing: Aberdeen Police Say Theft is No Laughing Matter

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ABERDEEN — You are not going see his face on the side of a milk carton, but he needs to be found. Ronald McDonald is missing and things just are not the same at the Aberdeen restaurant where he was snatched.

It took some big shoes to fill the now vacant spot, but as it turns out, his shoes were made for walking.

Where's Ronald McDonald? The Big Mac daddy himself is AWOL.

A picture of Ronald appeared in last Thursday's issue of The Pilot. The next night, he was snatched under the cover of darkness.

One Aberdeen man has his suspicions.

"This has got to be a PR gimmick. Burger King down the street has him. Taco Bell has him, the dog -- the chihuahua. Just you watch, that's going to be in a commercial," says Randy Treacy.

Aberdeen's Ronald McDonald has been greeting people in the same spot for years.

"It was always nice to see Ronald waving his hand. It's sad and we miss him, but hopefully it will be back soon," says John Constantini who owns a business next door.

The McDonald's where the statue was swiped is under construction and is being completely rebuilt.

The owner just wants his statue back. Police say the person or persons responsible could be charged with misdemeanor larceny and face up to two years in jail.

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