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SBI Investigating Hoke Sheriff

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RAEFORD — Embattled Hoke County Sheriff Jim Davis is facing more trouble. Since elected, Davis has faced many obstacles: the sheriff's election was challenged, his campaign manager's office was shot up, and now Davis is the focus of aState Bureau of Investigationprobe.

Davis is facing some tough charges. He is accused of improperly using county money to help out his brother.

"We know that there is no basis to it. We know there is no impropriety to what we did," says Davis.

The SBI is investigating because Davis used surplus Fayetteville police equipment to help outfit a Wagram police cruiser.

What is questionable is that the town is out of his jurisdiction and his brother, William, is Wagram's chief of police.

"We facilitated an opportunity for them to receive radio and emergency equipment which was offered to us at the time," says Davis.

The SBI also wants to know if Davis misled the Fayetteville Police Department into giving him the equipment in the first place.

Davis says it is all politics. The complaint was filed by a former deputy who Davis believes is part of smear campaign led by those who do not want him in office.

"Here we have a disgruntled employee that left under a cloud that has linked with some opposition that were part of the electoral opposition," he says.

Davis says he is slated to tell SBI agents his side of the story later this week.

The Fayetteville Police Department does have a mutual-aid agreement with Hoke County. The department has also been questioned by SBI investigators.

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