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Cumberland County Sends Doctors, Nurses, Medications to Hurricane Mitch Victims

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FAYETTEVILLE — Although we have not yet seenthis year's first hurricane, the effects of last year's worst storm are still being felt. Many Nicaraguan victims of the mudslides caused by Hurricane Mitch are still sick, and help from the outside world is the only help they can get. Some Cumberland County doctors and nurses are on their way there now.

Carl and Linda Strange's living room is filled with 60 duffle bags. It may look like a mess, but they don't mind. The bags are care packages that could save lives. Inside is medicine that will be given to victims of Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua.

"What you are traditionally going to see the most of is worms, parasites that type of thing," Carl Strange says. He says skin problems and venereal diseases are also common.

Most of the medication has been donated from pharmaceutical companies and doctors in the Cumberland County area. About 50 nurses and doctors are traveling to Nicaragua to help administer it.

"It makes me feel good because my parents are doing it and I would like to have more involvement in it," volunteer Lynne Milefski says. "I'm just recently getting involved in it this year by helping coming over and counting all the pills, packing all the stuff and loading up the truck. It makes me feel really good."

Volunteers say if just one victim's life is saved, then all the hard work and time was well worth it.

If you would like to help donate items to this cause you can call Fayetteville's Northwood Temple at910-488-7474.

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