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Antique Cars Drive Through Triangle

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SMITHFIELD — The 1999 National Vintage Car Tour is in North Carolina this week, and drivers across the Triangle are doing doubletakes as cars built in 1927 or before go by.

Frank Cook collects the cars because he enjoys looking at them. And he is not alone. Vintage cars bring out the young and the old. They are like history lessons on wheels.

"The unique part about it, for its time, it had hydraulic brakes," says Cook. "It was a more modern car and had more modern features and a lot of features for its time."

History is also part of why Richard Aycock collects. "To me, my Model-T Ford brings back memories," Aycock says. "I had one when I was 17 years old and that has been many a year ago."

One 1922 Marmon Speedster that is part of the tour won the first Indianapolis 500. The big machines are not only known for their uniqueness, they are also known to break down.

"It isn't like driving a new car. You have to watch it real closely," Cook says.

But these owners say they would not trade their vintage cars in for anything. "Like I tell everybody, he would probably get rid of me before he'd get rid of the old car," Marilyn Cook says.

If you want to get a first-hand glimpse of these machines, they will be on display in Fuquay-Varina Wednesday night and at the state capital on Friday.

The estimated 100 car owners came to North Carolina from 30 different states.

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