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Clean-Up Under Way on Raleigh's Brent Road

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RALEIGH — Some Brent Road residents invited a few thousand of their closest friends to celebrate the start of a new school year Saturday night. When they woke up Sunday morning, there was plenty of evidence that the Brent Road bash lived up to its reputation for morning-after debris.

Residents on and near Brent Road deal with a spectacle unimaginable to most people: 7,000 people arriving for a party.

While there were 11 arrests made in connection with the bash, there were no reports of injury or accidents. But partygoers did leave behind bottles and empty cases of beer scattered across yards and driveways. Pizza boxes stacked waist high. Furniture is sitting outside on the lawn. On the morning after the back-to-school bash, Brent Road looked like a war zone.

"What we're gonna do is clean up all the material trash and then blow the driveway. That's going to be it," declared Brooke Nordan, an N.C.State student.

Students attacked the mess early, sweeping up glass, picking up trash, even recycling their cans and bottles. Some students weren't feeling up to par Sunday morning, but they pitched in anyway.

"I was pretty intoxicated," one student said. And what's the feeling the morning after? "Pretty bad."

A strong police presence kept the crowd under control. A station wagon seemed to be the only casualty of the annual bash.

"People were getting up on the roof and stripping down and stuff," recalled Josh Justin, one of the revelers. "They just got on top and tore it up."

Students say the biggest party of the year lived up to its billing. Some are already looking forward to next year.

"Every year it gets better....This year just topped it all off," Justin declared.

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