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Little Ants a Big Problem for Homeowners

Posted August 18, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The dry weather has left ants on a quest for water, and your home may be just the oasis they have been seeking. Exterminators have been working around the clock to keep the critters at bay.

Ants are marching into the nooks and crannies of Triangle homes, like an Army from the animal kingdom.

The tiny black ants are among the most pesky critters. Industrial strength bait is like a bomb that should stop them in their tracks.

Exterminator Trey Hinton says the ant colonies have created a mountain of work for him and other exterminators.

"When there's no water to forage for outside, they are going to head for your sinks, bathrooms, kitchen and they're going to find any kind of water they can find," says Hinton.

"They'll show up one place, you'll get rid of them and they'll show up another place," says homeowner Beth Kapps.

Like many Triangle homeowners, Kapps says she had to call in an exterminator when over-the-counter pesticides could not keep up with the fast-moving ants.

"It's not very pleasant to come down into your kitchen and then you see trails of ants everywhere. They come up from the stove, the sink," says Kapps.

As long as no rain is falling outside, the ant trail will continue to lead to Triangle homes.

Hinton suggests monitoring the area around the house if you want to keep ants outside. He recommends keeping shrubs, leaves and any type of greenery about 12 to 18 inches away from the house.