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Second Student Attacked on UNC Campus

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CHAPEL HILL — Police officers at UNC-Chapel Hillare investigating the second attempted sexual assault since Sunday.The latest incidentoccurred around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, the night before classes began. Officials are warning students to watch out for the suspect, who they believe is responsible for both attacks.

Authorities tentatively describe the suspect as a light-skinned Hispanic man in his early 20s with light facial hair, possibly a goatee, and short dark hair.

Police say the suspect grabbed the woman from behind, while she was walking through an alley connecting the Carolina Coffee Shop with the parking lot in front of the Hanes Art Center.

Investigators say the assailant showed her a knife and threatened her life if she screamed. When the attacker was distracted by a loud noise, the student reportedly maced him and ran to her south campus residence hall.

The woman involved inSunday's attempted attackalso escaped, after she screamed and two friends helped her fight off the man.

School leaders spent most of Tuesday night and Wednesday morning posting flyers across campus, warning students of the danger. School officials also sent e-mail warnings and safety tips to everyone with a UNC account.

UNC officials are cautioning students to be extremely careful. They are asking students to avoid walking alone on campus at night. Instead, they suggest using the Safe Escort Program at 962-SAFE or thePoint-to-Point shuttle system.

Here are some of their other recommendations:
  • There is safety in numbers; stay in pairs or groups whenever possible.
  • Always let someone know your destination, planned route and even your expected arrival time.
  • Stay away from isolated or dark areas.
  • Pay attention to what is happening around you and report any suspicious activity by calling 911 or using emergency call boxes.
  • To report information about either attack, call 942-7515. Or, visit the Public Safety Department's confidential Web site,Silent Witness. Reporter:Ericka LewisPhotographer:Ron Pittman

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