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Police, Residents Prepare for Annual Brent Road Bash

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RALEIGH — Plenty of beer and a lot of partying is expected at the annual Brent Road back-to-school bash. Raleigh police are gearing up with the help of neighbors to keep things under control.

The key word is "neighbors". They are the ones whose lives are turned upside down. If you have ever had noisy and sometimes unruly neighbors, then you can understand why Raleigh Police and residents around Brent Road, want to get a handle on this event before it kicks off.

It is the kind of party where college students let off summer steam, and the beer flows as freely as the Eno River.

For one summer weekend, the tree lined winding road, dotted with homes on either side, is as festive as a new years eve party.

Long time Brent Road resident Matt Matthews says, the police crack down in recent years have toned down revelers, but his concerns go beyond the weekend long party.

"We don't plan to live in this house forever, and I am concerned about the reputation Brent Road in term of us trying to resell the house," Matthews said.

That is where a yearly community meeting between Brent Road area residents and police comes in. They exchange ideas and suggestions about making the party safer for revelers and residents.

Residents have complained about vandalism, trespassing and loud parties after 11 p.m. Bill and Fran Richardson make it a point to be out of town that weekend.

"There's a large influx of younger crowds and people who aren't students, who make it a negative time for just about everyone," Bill Richardson said.

The party kicks off the weekend of August 21. Police plan to take the same safety precautions like last year. They will be setting up DWI and pedestrian checkpoints weeding out under-age drinkers.

Officers will be on bicycle and foot patrol, and they will be enforcing the noise ordinance.