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Animal Control Confiscates Dozens of Cats from Fayetteville Home

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FAYETTEVILLE — A Fayetteville woman has been forced to give up dozens of animals that she was keeping in her home. Authorities say the decision was based on health and safety concerns.

Daisy McDougal's landlord told her the animals had to go, for her safety, the safety of others and to protect his property. McDougal is crushed over the news, but realizes there is nothing she can do.

McDougal has rented the same home on Williams Street for years and shared it with her feline friends until Friday morning when Cumberland County Animal Control removed 47 cats and three dogs cats from her feces-infested home.

"I was raised on a farm with animals all my life," she says.

Animal control officials say none of the animals have received rabies vaccinations. Because of that, and problems with space at the shelter, most of the animals were euthanized Friday.

The animals have never been outside or handled by anyone other than McDougal, and officials were unsure how they were going to respond to other people.

After reviewing their dispositions, Animal Control officers felt all the pets, except one dog, would not be suitable for adoption.

Four cats and two dogs were left with McDougal, and the SPCA says it will make sure they are vaccinated.

However, McDougal's landlord wants her to keep only one dog or face being evicted.