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Ice a Hot Commodity for Triangle Company

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RALEIGH — While most Triangle residents are battling 90 degree heat, there is a place in Raleigh where the temperature never hovers above 40 degrees. A Triangle company is helping people cope with the hot, dry weather while employees stay cool themselves.

The Triangle Ice Company has been busy since June, ever since ice became a hot commodity across the country.

Since then, the company has been packing in huge profits and hearing all the jokes.

"We've heard 'em all I guess. You know, 'We have the coolest job in town,'" says manager Billy Quintion.

The company has added an extra shift and extra manpower to keep up with the increased demand coming from northern states.

As the temperature rises there, ice production goes down. "When the outside ambient temperature gets this hot, their head pressures are running so high they actually produce less ice. So as the demand goes up for restaurants and things like that, the amount of ice they're producing actually goes down. So therefore we have to supplement that," Quintion explains.

Drought conditions and large power outages up north have contributed to the ice shortage.

CP&Lhas put ice-making companies high on the priority list to ensure that they have few power interruptions. They rank right behind hospitals, police and fire departments.

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