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Cumberland Coliseum Seeks New Address

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FAYETTEVILLE — TheCumberland County Crown Coliseumwants a Fayetteville address. Officials have started the process to become part of the city.

The coliseum has had persistent money problems, and its administrators hope that by being annexed into the city, some expenses would be reduced.

The Civic Center Commission has been wrestling with the idea for years. Now, they are ready to give it a whirl.

At the request of the Civic Center board, County commissioners have agreed to petition the city to annex the complex.

"Anything the government can do to reduce the cost of operation, that's something that needs to be done," says County Manager Cliff Strassenburg.

The savings could top $53,000 a year. They estimate a savings in water rates and an even bigger savings in traffic control.

"We actually hire off-duty deputies, not only to work security inside the building, but also to work the traffic in the intersections," says Kendall Wall, director of the Cumberland County Coliseum Complex. "If the city would provide this, it would save us a good bit of money."

Most of the area surrounding the 51-acre site is already part of the city. Leaders think annexation would also provide continuity for emergency services.

To prevent the potential for emergencies, the complex is asking for some improvements. As part of the annexation request, they would like to see street lights installed in front of the complex on Highway 301.

"Right now, it's very dark, and we feel like it's a safety hazard," Wall said.

From all indications, the city seems to like the idea. If it is approved by the council, the process will take about two months.

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