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Man Drowns at Raleigh Apartment Complex Pool

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RALEIGH — Sunday afternoon, the call for help came from a pool, a man went under the water, and did not come up. It was a call for help that the police have been hearing all too often.

"When you see a pool you do not really think of danger," said Captain Walt Stewart.

He says weekend after weekend, his officers have been responding to near-drownings at apartment complex pools.

It's a great amount of danger if you don't know what you're doing," said Stuart. "Especially if you are intoxicated or do not know how to swim."

Sunday, Raleigh officers responded to the pool, nestled in the trees at the Tara East apartments.

"We had an individual who jumped in and just kept going," said Stuart.

The man never came up to the surface, and several minutes passed before a friend was able to pull him out of the water. Rescuers arrived to find the victim was not breathing and had no pulse.

Last Sunday night, officers responded to another call for help at the Landmark Apartments pool in Raleigh.

"You just don't know when you pull someone up," said Officer Doug Hoffman. "When I first touched him, the first thing I thought was that he's dead."

Once again, the victim had been under water for several minutes. He was not breathing, and he had no pulse.

"I helped him pull the man on the deck and started doing chest compression to try and clear his lungs of the water," said Corp. David Moore.

The victim at the Landmark pool is in the hospital and still on a respirator.

Sunday afternoon, paramedics tried to revive the victim at Tara East, but he was pronounced dead at Raleigh Community Hospital.

Captain Stewart says these tragedies should be reminder to the rest of us to treat the pool like a beach. If you are tired, do not go in the deep end, do not drink alcohol and swim, and watch your children carefully.


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