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No One Hurt in Four-Apartment Fire

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RALEIGH — Four apartments in Raleigh were seriously damaged by fire Saturday afternoon but no one was hurt. For firefighters, the day's searing heat was another strong adversary.

The temperature hovered near 100; the flames burned even hotter.

They ranged from 1,000 degrees near the ceiling to 150 degrees and more on the lower levels. Chief Earl Fowler says his firefighters were wearing 60 pounds of gear in the extreme heat.

"It does not take but just a few minutes (for firefighters to be affected by extreme heat). We are going to have a lot of problems," Fowler predicted.

As they fought the flames, firefighters helped each other survive the blazing heat with water and cool air.

In the end, the firefighters were able to put out the flames quickly. They were soaked in sweat, some feeling pretty bad, but fortunately none was overcome by the extreme conditions.

"We have three we treated, but none were transported," Fowler said.

No cause has been determined.

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