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Raleigh Police Round Out Neighborhood Presence With 2 New Substations

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RALEIGH — TheRaleigh Police Departmentcould be coming to a neighborhood near you. The department opened two new substations Thursday.

The new substations are opening in the southeast and southwest parts of the city, one off Avent Ferry Road, the other near Crosslink Drive.

The city now has four substations.

"The two that will open today will complete the circle, and we will now have a police substation in every quadrant of the city," said Raleigh Mayor Tom Fetzer.

City leaders and residents got a chance to tour one of the new facilities, which cost $59,000 to open.

Jalynn Jahnson lives near the Avent Ferry Road substation. She says the officers will help keep the nearby college students grounded and have an opportunity to meet the people they serve.

"The community policing effort is one that nationwide is doing great things and I'm just delighted that they're in our neighborhood," Jahnson said.

The substations should also help cut police response times in the areas they serve.

A substation off of Glenwood Avenue opened almost two years ago. Winn-Dixie employees say they have definitely seen a difference.

"It's sometimes a lot quicker, especially when you're dealing with certain people -- they just get agitated. And these guys are just right here beside us. They can come right away," said grocery store manager Chris Janek.

The new substations will be open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Residents can file reports there or just speak to the officers.

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