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Some Trucks Dump Debris Before Reaching Their Destinations

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HOLLY SPRINGS — We are all sharing the roads with more and more people and more and more trucks. But on the way to their destinations, some of these trucks are making the highway a dumping ground.

Trucks hauling everything from building materials to furniture are a sign of growth. Alex Hulls had to pay the price for that growth.

"A rock came off the back of one of the trucks and hit the windshield. I had to have the windshield replaced," Hulls says.

Hulls is not the only citizen who is upset. "Citizens are complaining that they're blowing trash and debris," saysDMVOfficer Tony Wellborn.

During a typical day's work, Wellborn pulled over a truck with no license plate. The rusted expired plate was inside the cab. Wellborn wrote the driver a warning ticket.

Another truck's load was uncovered and spilling debris.

"Any reason why you don't have your cover over that lumber?" Wellborn asked. The driver got a verbal warning, and with one flip of a switch he covered his load.

These types of violations will keep DMV officers busy this summer patrolling Highway 55 and other high-crash corridors across the state, including I-40, I-440 and Highway 64. Photographer: Joe Anthony