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Two Brothers Die in Haw River Boating Accident

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BYNUM — Two brothers, Victor Amago and Pablo Cantorio Antonio, died Sunday night in a boating accident on the Haw River.

For rescuers it is, unfortunately, nothing new.

Near the town of Bynum, north of Pittsboro in Chatham County, there have been three drownings in five days on one stretch of the Haw River.

The waters of the Haw River are rocky, but calm. Sheriff deputies say one man fell off a boat and the other man jumped in to save him. Before rescuers had the time to arrive, both men had drowned.

Last Wednesday evening on the same stretch of the river, a 12-year-old boy dove into water approximately 6 feet deep and never came up. Rescuers found the boy's body about 25 feet from where he dove in.

Investigators will not say if there is anything especially dangerous about the water.

The three drownings from the past week are a reminder to be careful on all rivers.