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Outrunning Thermometer Is a Challenge

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RALEIGH — To beat the heat, a lot of people who like to exercise outdoors are trying to do so early in the morning or late at night when the temperatures aren't at their peak. Even then, breaking a sweat is guaranteed.

Chase Tew likes to run outside at least five days a week. With these hot temperatures, exercising isn't easy.

"It's hard to find motivation when it's this hot," Tew said. "You just have to stick with the routine."

"It's just extremely to hot for me," says Ginger Taylor as she pounds the pavement inside. She would rather run outside, but lately she has traded sunny skies for the a/c. She says the high humidity was slowing her workout down.

"It just seems like my body won't go."

At FitSouth in Raleigh, managers have seen a rise in business along with the rise in the temperatures.

A manager said that summer can be slow for the industry in general, but due to the extreme heat, there has been an increase in new members and in current members trying to beat the heat.

Even at summer's peak some fitness buffs would still rather exercise outside. They are rearranging their schedules to fit their workouts in.

Sarah Smith has some advice: "Get here before noon -- because we knew if we didn't we wouldn't exercise at all."

If you still end up exercising outside in the heat of the day, it's important to take frequent breaks and drink lots of fluids, primarily water.

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