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And About Your Car's Health...

Posted July 24, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— You, your flowers and pets are not the only things suffering in this astonishing heat. In this hot weather, stop-and-go traffic can be hazardous to your car's health.

Auto experts say you can prevent your car from overheating by using anti-freeze in your radiator. Many drivers use anti-freeze in the winter and water in the summer. But the people in the know say anti-freeze can be helpful year-round.

"Anti-freeze is glycol-based. It keeps water from freezing," according to the Auto Zone's Craig Cassel. "It warns itself but has a higher boiling point so throughout the summer with extreme temperatures it helps keep (the engine) cooler as well."

Auto experts say you should also have your car's air conditioner serviced every other year.