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Durham County Habitat For Humanity Finishes First of 21 Homes

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DURHAM — Add another name to the list ofHabitat for Humanityhomeowners. The house on Jubilee Lane in Durham is the first of 21 homes being built by Durham County Habitat For Humanity.

The proud new homeowner is Hilda Streater. She moved in three weeks ago and says her favorite room is the kitchen.

Streater says it has been an unforgettable experience pitching in to build her new home.

"When the foundation was laid, I began taking pictures," she says. "When the first wall went up, I was excited and I said, 'I'm going to put the first nail in.'"

Not only did she help build her new home but Streater says she built friendships that will last a lifetime.

Volunteers, including Streater, will continue working on the other homes in the Habitat subdivision.