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Fayetteville Mom Furious After Bullets Fly Through Her Home

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FAYETTEVILLE — A little boy in Fayetteville came very close to becoming a crime statistic. His mom says bullets whizzed into her home, and she is afraid it will happen again.

Police say a gun battle began Sunday night on a neighborhood street. At one point, Tracenia Eddy's house got in between the shooters, but one of them kept shooting anyway.

"I was scared, scared to death. I was scared to get up. I laid there for about ten minutes," says Tracenia Eddy, who is furious that not only can her kids not play in the front yard after dark, they do not even feel safe inside their own home.

Bullet holes mark the spot and tell the story. Sunday night, Eddy was in her kitchen when a gunfight erupted outside.

"When I heard them so loud at the window it scared me, so I thought they were shooting in the window because I already knew they hit in the kitchen," she said. "I got down and crawled up to the TV and put him up under me."

The bullets missed her 2-year-old son by inches. Eddy's two daughters were also in the home. They were sleeping in a back bedroom.

Since the shooting Eddy has tried to move to another neighborhood, but says it is tough because she is a single mother and cannot afford to move. Now, she is afraid one of her kids may be killed.

"My babies woke up crying and hollering the night it happened, and they don't want to stay here anymore since then, and it doesn't make any sense," Eddy said.

Police told family members they may have arrested one of the shooters Tuesday night, but that they are not absolutely sure.

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