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Cape Cod Paper Makes Headlines Covering Tragedy

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HYANNIS — Many people feelthe media has overdone its coverageof John F. Kennedy Jr.'s death. But no one has covered the crisis like the"Cape Cod Times,"the hometown newpaper of Hyannis.

Since the search for Kennedy's plane began Saturday, the newsroom's staff of 80 has worked around the clock.

The paper has covered the area's most famous family for years.

"When they're here we definitely pay attention to what they're doing," says News Editor Mark Mulcahy. "And Sen. Edward Kennedy is also a very key player in national politics so we stay on top of all of that."

But their coverage has never before reached such a large audience. People around the world are calling for copies of last Sunday's paper, the front page in particular.

"London has called a couple of times," says News Assistant Pat Bernstein. "I didn't specifically speak to anybody...in Tokyo, but I'm quite sure I heard somebody say we had a call from Tokyo."

On a typical Sunday, the paper sells about 44,000 copies. The July 18 issue has sold 75,000 copies so far.

"Right now we're living on adrenaline a lot, you know, takeout food and water," Mulcahy says. "But as far as how we'll keep going, eventually this story will come to an end also."

Until then, like the rest of the world, the "Cape Cod Times" is following the latest developments.

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