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A Fog of Sadness Rains on Hyannis Port

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HYANNIS PORT — The grief hangs heavy like the thick air surrounding the recovery operation, and everyone is feeling it.

It rained in Hyannis Monday night, and the weather sort of reflected the mood of the town of 9,000.

Joe Kennedy has owned an art shop in downtown for 20 years. Has his name made any difference? He says no.

"If you watch the traffic long enough, you'll see Kennedy plumbers, Kennedy electricians and all kinds of people with the same name, it's just very common," he said.

Joe says the terrible news has not hurt business.

"It's very tragic, people are saddened by it," he said. "He was the best one of the bunch, but I don't think it affects them in that way."

But down the street at Rodney's Bookshop, they are not so sure.

"Typically, people are sad," says businessman Peter Trimble. "No one has a bad word to say about the Kennedy family. They were just like everyone else."

The town's grief may not wear off for some time, and until it does, the area -- that is such a part of the Kennedy family history -- will continue to show its respect.

Respect was shown by the Kennedy family Monday as the American flag at the family compound was officially lowered after 6 p.m.