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Fayetteville Mountain Bikers Pedal to Smith Lake Trails

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FAYETTEVILLE — The only mountain bike trails in Cumberland County have quickly become a popular attraction.

The trails are at Smith Lake on Fort Bragg.

They have only been open for a few months, and mountain bikers are pedaling toward them.

"I come out here a lot," says Brendan Bull. "In fact, I am going to meet a friend in a few minutes and we are going to go riding."

Like many other mountain bikers, Bull really had nowhere to ride in the Cumberland County area until the trails opened.

"They are not as abusive as other ones; they are pretty smooth," he says. "I've been to other ones that are a lot [of roots] and they beat you up. I like the fact that you can come out here and have fun."

"It's great," says Drew Moreshead. "It gives us something to do rather than just go out running. A little different way of doing [physical training] and it seems really good."

The trails are especially popular among Fort Bragg soldiers.

"There is about 200 people who ride here at Fort Bragg, so it is important," says Steve Policasto. "There used to be a trail that they closed, so it is good that they opened this one at Spring Lake for guys to come ride."

It is not just the guys riding them. Women hit the dirt trails hard too, and so does the occasional dog.

"I think it offers something recreational for people to do around here," says Jennifer Delasko. "You can get out and do it with groups or by yourself. It offers some exercise, a different variety other than just running, or the gym."

There are three trails: easy, moderate, and difficult. Riding them will cost $5 each visit or riders can pay a one-time $20 fee.


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