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Fayetteville Teens Testify At Classmate's Murder Trial

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FAYETTEVILLE — For the first time in her trial, a witness has testified he heard Shannon Tyson say her classmate, 16-year-old Chris Eggleston, should die. Tyson is on trial for kidnapping and killing Eggleston, who was found behind Fayetteville's Westover High School two years ago.

Prosecutors say Eggleston fell out of favor with a group called "The Kindred" before his murder. Friday, Joe Pipitone, 19, gave the jury insight into the group.

Pipitone said he was not a member of "The Kindred" but did associate with the group. Pipitone testified that members of the group began to believe Eggleston had betrayed them. He says the group held a "Banishment Trial," during which Eggleston was in the area but not listening.

Pipitone says the members discussed Eggleston's alleged betrayal at the "trial" and decided that he should be banished from the group. According to Pipitone, it was then that Tyson said it was tradition that any time a group member had to be banished, he or she should be killed.

A friend of Eggleston's took the stand Wednesday, describing his experience with the group. Jeremiah Hansen, 17, says two months prior to Eggleston's murder he too fell out of favor with "The Kindred."

Hansen testified that Tyson helped lead him to some woods where he was confronted by six or seven members of the group. Hansen says the group prevented him from leaving, and he says Tyson began interrogating him about his actions.

Hansen testified he apologized to the group for any misunderstandings, and he said he was eventually able to talk the group into letting him leave. Hansen says he was allowed to walk away but only after putting his hands on top of his head and walking straight ahead. He said he was warned not to look back at the group.

Hansen was not taken to the same set of woods as Eggleston. Hansen was lead into some woods in his neighborhood; Eggleston was taken to the woods behind the school.

Tyson's former boyfriend, Micah Rimel, also took the stand this week. Rimel testified he heard Tyson order another student, Matthew Myers, to take Eggleston to the woods and scare him.

Myers pleaded guilty to second degree murder in February. He is serving between 25 and 31 years in prison for his part in Eggleston's death.

An assistant principal in charge of discipline at Westover testified Thursday that he had many disciplinary problems with Myers, but none with Tyson. He said he found her to be nice and friendly.


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