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Fayetteville Outer Loop Under Way, Locals Express Concern

Posted July 14, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Construction on the single biggest road project in Cumberland County is under way.

The Fayetteville Outer Loop will finally give motorists a quick and easy way to access I-95, but not everyone is revved up with excitement.

The noise is unmistakable. A bulldozer is clearing acres and acres of trees and bushes. The first phase of the Fayetteville Outer Loop will take more than three years and $6 million to build.

The road will make life much easier for Fayetteville's northside motorists. They will no longer have to drive 20 miles south to get to the nearest I-95 on-ramp.

"This project will more or less go from Ramsey Street 401 to the I-95 Highway 13 exit," says Lorenzo Chavis with the DOT.

"I don't like it, but there ain't a whole lot we can do about it," said local resident H.A. Tew.

Right next to the construction sits a street lined with homes. The residents on the street are the ones who will be paying the price of progress. They will go from living in a quiet rural neighborhood to having a four lane highway right in their backyards.

"It's a quiet, nice, good neighborhood," Tew said. "We never had any problems, but now I'm afraid all that's going to change."

When the entire loop is finished it will go from Highway 401 in North Fayetteville to I-95 in Robeson County.