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Daylight Bandit Targets Durham Homes

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DURHAM — You probably think most crime happens after the sun goes down. But a rash of break-ins in northern Durham is shedding new light on a growing problem. Police say a burglar may be targeting homes during the day while people are not at home.

"All of a sudden I heard this big kabam," says Heather Peeler, who is still shaken from her encounter this week with a man who kicked in her front door, apparently thinking no one was home.

"I just creeped out knowing this person is in my house," says Peeler. "Instinct gave me the knowledge to know to get out of there and not say a word. Thank God I had the phone in my hand."

The Durham resident called 911 and the intruder ran off. Peeler was not hurt.

According to police reports, three homes in the Argonne Hills area have been burglarized in the last week.

Besides installing alarms and extra locks, police say there are things you can do to protect your home.

"Leave your car in the driveway if you can, and ride to work with a co-worker. That will free up some of our traffic too, so you're helping us by doing that," says Sgt. Fran Borden of theDurham Police Department.

Borden also suggests leaving a radio or television on during the day so it seems as if someone is in the house.

Police say it is also good to vary your routine, and look out for neighbors who are away during the day.

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