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Special Olympics Athletes Star In Their Own Production

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RALEIGH — The flashbulbs are popping, and the cameras are rolling; some of the athletes are also part of the media, documenting theSpecial Olympics World Summer Gamesfor their hometown fans.

The athletes work the anchor desk, run the cameras and operate the equipment. They are the crew of "Rhode Island Magazine," a television show dedicated to Rhode Island Special Olympics.

Producer Brian Medeiros' daughter is a Special Olympics athlete. He got tired of seeing just snippets of Special Olympics events on local newscasts.

"I made it an effort to try to get out there and get shots of all of them so they could see themselves performing and competing," Medeiros says. He hopes the athletes will see what they are doing as prestigious when they see themselves on TV.

This week, the crew has taken the show on the road, covering the sights and sounds and competition of the World Games.

Henry Moretti is the host of "Rhode Island Magazine." He says he got a kick out of interviewing Special Olympics Founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver for an upcoming show.

"It was great," Moretti says. "We asked her what the symbol of Special Olympics means and she said it meant all different sports on six continents."

The crew originally planned to tape a daily show at the World Games. Instead, the group is going from venue to venue, compiling stories to pass on toSpecial Olympics International. The stories will also air in upcoming episodes of "Rhode Island Magazine."

The show is normally taped once a month and airs on a local cable station in Rhode Island.