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Experts Speak Out on Media, Community Violence

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RALEIGH — TheGovernor's Task Force on Youth Violence and School Safetyis developing recommendations to pass along to Governor Hunt.

Monday, the group heard from experts on violence in the media, and violence at the community level. The use of guns by young people is also an issue.

According to a Louisiana sociologist, young people most often get guns from friends or family members. According to James Wright ofTulane University, most youth violence occurs in large cities and does not get much media attention.

"Now when suburban middle class kids start shooting at one another, that's an occasion for media commentary, for governor's commissions, for national concern," says Wright. "The day-to-day reality of violence in the inner city has received considerably less attention and is a far more serious problem."

Recommendations from the Task Force are to be ready for the Governor July 15.

You can listen toMonday's meetingonline.

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