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Lighthouse Inches Toward New Location Despite Opposition

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BUXTON — TheCape Hatteras Lighthousecontinues its journey toward a new home. The movers made a lot of progress Friday.

The lighthouse moved about 70 feet which brings the total to 80 1/2 feet.

Inch by inch, the maritime monument is making its way to its new home, and it is happening faster than any one had imagined.

"I think it will be faster than we had originally anticipated," said moving director Joe Jakubik.

"I will never go near it again, " saidCarol Dillon.

Dillon owns the Outer Banks Motel. Like many locals, she is opposed to the move.

"We still feel it's a big risk in the move. We still feel like it's going to be a miracle if it gets to where it's going," said Dillon.

"I kind of feel like the lighthouse's historic integrity has been taken from it," said gas station ownerDanny Couch.

But despite the concerns of locals, the move is going full-steam ahead.

Pat Reynolds of Raleigh brought her 14-year-old grandson, Zane, to witness history being made.

"It's scary. I hope it works. I'm hearing that it's going to. I think it's sad that it's being moved, but if that is going to save it, go for it," said Reynolds.

Movers say it could take as little as three weeks to move the lighthouse. They are expecting thousands ofspectatorsto come and watch.


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