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Park Service Warns Lighthouse Visitors to 'Be Prepared'

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BUXTON — If you are planning a trip to the Outer Banks to watch the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse move inland, there are a few things you need to know.

"We want to make sure folks know what they will be getting into. We want to have them prepare as though they are preparing for a hike," says Ranger Rob Bolling of theNational Park Service.

Bolling says to expect a hike because you may not be able to park close to the site. He suggests visitors wear comfortable walking shoes, bring some drinking water and wear sunscreen.

"We have next to no water available, and there's no shade," he warns.

The Primary and Secondary Keeper's houses were moved to the new site weeks ago, taking away creature comforts available to visitors last summer.

If you plan to walk to what will be the new location of the lighthouse, you will encounter other hazards. Bolling says ticks and mosquitos will be waiting for you.

So go prepared, but be prepared for history.

"This is a summer of a lifetime," says Bolling. "If you want excitement, we'll provide it because it will be a true historic moment."

The latest word from the National Park Service is that the lighthouse may begin to move as early as noon Thursday and no later than sunset on Friday.

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