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Raleigh Woman Calls for a Stop to Sexually Explicit Junk Mail

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RALEIGH — Most people think of junk mail as a big nuisance, but oneRaleighwoman says it can also be upsetting and harmful to children.

"I opened it and I almost lost everything, I was nauseous," said Evelyn Bush, who was opening her mail Tuesday morning with her 4-year-old daughter when she found sexually explicit material. "This makes "Playboy" look like a comic book to me."

The pamphlet Bush received advertising explicit material was in a plain envelope. There was a warning on one side of the booklet, but she never saw it.

Bush spent the day sharing her concerns with lawmakers.

"It's a big problem, and it's a despicable problem," saidNorth Carolina Attorney General Mike Easley, who says it is a felony in North Carolina to send obscene material through the mail.

"They need to contact this office, let us contact the sender, the company and let them know that it is a felony in North Carolina, and they're on notice," Easley said. "If they send anything else and we find out about it, they will be prosecuted."

TheU.S. Postal Servicealso has an application for people who do not want to receive any explicit mailings. The bottom line is that everyone has a right to say "no" to any offensive material.

In North Carolina, people who send or send away for obscene material can face up to 15 months in prison.

Sending obscene material through the mail also violates federal laws. The maximum federal penalty is five years behind bars.

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