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Fayetteville Sanitation Worker Has Special Niche

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FAYETTEVILLE — As a 15-year veteran of Fayetteville's Department of Sanitation, James Tyndall has a lot in common with sanitation workers across the country. But a special job he performs puts him more in the company of Larry, Darryl and Darryl, the three brothers on the old "Newhart" television show.

He's the guy who picks up the road kill.

For Tyndall, it's just another day at the office -- except heloveswhat he does.

"There ain't nobody in this world that does my job like I do," Tyndall crows. "God gave me the talent to come out here and get these animals. They smell atrocious. Praise God. God let's me get 'em."

And get them he does. Tyndall picks up squashed possums, crushed kitties and dead dogs, whether they are behind buildings, along a roadway or behind shrubbery.

"I love my dead animals," he says. But he admits his specialty is hard on the nose.

"In the summertime it gets so rough out there, God just has to give me the strength to get that animal up."

When Tyndall is not cruising for carcasses, he picks up trash on a route for some very grateful customers.

Tyndall has been scooping up Fayetteville's flattened critters for eight years, and plans on doing it until he retires in 2006.

At which point, Larry, Darryl and Darryl might be encouraged to sell their Minuteman Cafe, move South and handle critter collection and disposal for the city.

Tyndall could teach them how a pro really does it.

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