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Durham Community Holds Rally to Reclaim Safe Neighborhood

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DURHAM — People in one Durham neighborhood say they feel like they are living in the line of fire. Saturday night, members of the St. Theresa's community are working to take back their streets.

Enterprise Street has been a crime scene many times before. This time, the scene is a fight against crime.

The children who live here want to have a future.

"I want to be an actor," says one child.

But Marie Hunter's son never saw his future.

"He was on his way home," she explains, "they were shooting and he died at the footsteps of the church."

One bullet took Michael's life at age 27. Since that November night in 1997, Hunter says the violence on these streets has increased.

"They have started killing in broad daylight," says Hunter, " a guy just shot a guy down in broad daylight."

Marie Hunter says she organized the rally to save the neighborhood she grew up in.

"If we don't do something, we will lose it all," says Hunter.

Officer Kim Gregory patrols the St. Theresa's community on foot, along with several other Durham officers.

"They have had seven homicides in the past four or five years in this area," says Gregory. "We can not clean the community up by ourselves, we have to have help. This community is tired of the crime and they are beginning to take their neighborhood back."

Even though childen in the community are having a lot of fun at the rally, they are also walking away with something to think about.

"I'm going to stay away from drugs and not get in fights and try to be careful," says one of the children.

The Durham police Department helped organize the rally.

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