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Water, Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink For Lake Royale Residents

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BUNN — The water in some Franklin County homes looks fine, but looks can be deceiving. The water is no good for drinking, and it usually dries up on the weekends.

Homeowners in theLake Royaleneighborhood say the water is sometimes brown and muddy, when they have it at all.

Some of the residents also believe there is a bacteria problem in the water that is making people sick.

State health officials are now telling residents to boil tap water there for at least five minutes.

"There are no showers," homeowner Todd Murphy says. "There is no eating because you cannot clean your dishes afterwards. So everybody has been heading in to Louisburg and other surrounding towns to get their food there." Many people are also relying on bottled water.

Riviera Utilities is responsible for the water at Lake Royale, but the company declared bankruptcy, which means the neighborhood did not get all of its wells.

Some residents are so frustrated they are willing to pay to drill their own wells.

The representative from Riviera Utilities, Jack Gibbons, was unavailable for comment. He left the property when WRAL arrived.

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