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Shades of Gold and Red Fly in the Blue Skies Above RDU

Posted June 5, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Are recent travel traffic jams caused because it is the summer, or is it theSouthwest effect?

Low fares, frequent flights, and good service are the reasonsSouthwest Airlinesspokesman Kevin Krone says the new airline could create the Southwest effect at theRaleigh Durham Airport.

"We like to keep our fares low to give people the opportunity to fly," says Krone.

In the past, when Southwest moved in to airports similar to the size of RDU, fares went down, and more people flew.

"What happens is literally the airports have to create new parking lots to hold all the cars of the people that are flying out on Southwest Airlines," explains Krone.

Southwest Airlines has already had an effect on Sam Rohwedder. He flew in on another airline, heard about Southwest, and says his next flight to Raleigh will be on one of the gold and red Southwest planes.

"The rates and reputation are excellent," says Rohwedder, "why not save some money and enjoy yourself?"