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How Can Motorists Pass Go and Escape Traffic Jail?

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CARY — A tankeraccident on US-1/64in Cary backed up traffic for miles Thursday. Some cities have alternate traffic routes in the case of traffic jams, but in the case of this accident there was no other way to go.

Department of Transportationofficials say it is simply a matter of space, time and money.

"I've been here almost five years, and [the traffic] has tripled since I moved here," says motorist Barbara Bozella.

Rush hour traffic on US-1/64 near the Walnut Street Bridge can leave motorists feeling like they are in traffic jail.

"We can just sit still without moving for quite a while during rush hour, and on Saturdays up in this area, it's really bad," Bozella said.

The traffic can get even worse than normal days when factoring in accidents like the one Thursday. The collision between a tanker and a van shut down roadways in every direction leaving motorists with no where to turn.

"The more people you have, obviously the more they drive," says Carl Goode with the state DOT.

DOT officials are pouring over the current traffic layout, and figuring out a way to transform the area from a traffic nightmare into a traffic haven. They want to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow, which will give police and motorists more options in a traffic jam.

"One of the things being looked at is the interchange there between US-1 and Walnut Street. We're seeing what we can do to help relieve congestion in that area and possibly widening US-1 to US-64," Goode said.

Police say the best thing to do in a traffic jam is to have patience. It takes them sometimes a few hours to set up alternate routes. They also want to warn motorists not to cross the median to head in another direction because it is against the law.


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