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Rotting Deer Carcasses Create Problems in Edgecombe County

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ROCKY MOUNT — People who live in Edgecombe County are worried that rotting deer carcasses could spread disease, not to mention the awful smell they have to deal with.

Shirley Burgess said the rotting meat stench drifts over the open field along Highway 43, southeast of Rocky Mount.

By looking closely, one can see dead deer in the field. Burgess says she's seen half a dozen in the past four days.

"These deer are rotting," stated Burgess. "Bugs, mosquitos, would you want to live here?"

The deer, Burgess said, like to eat farmers' crops in the fields.

"One farmer is killing them to save his crops," she said.

Whoever is killing them, Burgess just wishes they would dispose of the carcasses.

"When my husband finds a dead dog in the road, he buries it," she said.

The State Department of Wildlife could not be reached. The Edgecombe County Sheriff's Department was contacted, but they can not do anything about the dead deer.

They saidThe Department of Transportationwill pick up deer carcasses, but only those right alongside the road.