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Spanish Yellow Pages Helps Business Owners, Newcomers Connect

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SELMA — Gabriel Vasquez bakes some of the sweetest smelling Mexican breads around. But this successful businessman remembers what last year was like when he first moved to Smithfield. He couldn't speak English. It seemed to be the only language that would work.

Vasquez, a Hispanic resident stated, "basically when I first moved to the U.S., there was not much information available for me to get any kind of services from anybody."

The U.S. Census Bureausays more than 40,000 Hispanic residents have moved to our state since 1990. Editors of the Spanish Yellow Pages hope they can connect those newcomers to the services they need.

The Editor, Yuridia Marin said, "we have doctors, we have lawyers, transportation. We have non-profit organizations that we do want to invite them."

The most obvious difference is these ads are in Spanish, but businesses that buy large ads don't have to know a word of the language to make a sale.

Organizers will translate over the phone for free if the business and the customer can't understand each other. That was a big selling point for Joe Daughtery who sees a lavish market moving in with the newcomers.

Daughtery, an advertiser explained, "this was one way that we could get our message out into the Mexican-Spanish-American community. So, we're really going after that market. We feel like it's really a great market for us."

If you'd like to find out more about the Spanish Yellow pages you can call the editors in Selma at(919) 601-6014.