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Modular Homes Meet Higher Building Standard Than Manufactured

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HENDERSON — The difference between a modular and manufactured home can be found from the ground up. Handcrafted Homes is a new modular home company in Henderson. They say modular homes must meet a higher building standard than manufactured.

Marketing Director Ret Travers explains that modular homes have the same codes to adhere to as "any one who's building on site." In other words, stick built versus modular homes have the same codes.

Handcrafted Homes points out that there are several differences between modular and manufactured homes. Modular homes all have to be put on foundations. Manufactured homes do not. In addition, modular homes have a wood floor system, as opposed to a manufactured home's steel frame.

Plus, building codes dictate the floor joists and wall studs in a modular home must be wider than those in a manufactured home by several inches in some cases.

Travers explains, "all of our studs are two by fours, and our floor joists, depending on the size of your home, are either two by eight or two by ten."

The manufactured home industry says while most of these points are true, most builders do more than what's expected.

Industry Spokesman Frank Thomas says, "usually manufacturers in our industry will build to a minimum of 150 percent over code requirements for most performance standards and build up from there."

Manufactured home makers also dispute the notion that their foundations are any less permanent than those on a modular home.

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