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82nd Airborne Veterans Return to Visit Soldiers

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FAYETTEVILLE — They train to fight the enemy, but this week, paratroopers are taking part in friendly fire.

It's not hard to pump up 10,000 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division. This is their week to shine.

It is All American Week, a time when young and old soldiers join together to have fun and talk about the division's history.

"You can read it in books, but when you actually talk to people who have been there and done that, it makes it more realistic," says 82nd Airborne Soldier Lalenia Maria.

The war buddies come to Fort Bragg for All American Week every year. They share memories with young soldiers and offer advice.

"They'll be a part of history, and they should remember to capture, because when they go back, they'll have a hard time remembering what they did," says 82nd Airborne Veteran, Joe Sheehan.

All American Week is not just about capturing a veteran's spirit, but about challenging each other in competition.

"It's all about talking a little junk, winning, having a little fun, you know just history. We do this every year," says 82nd Airborne Soldier Greg Harris.

Events continue all week with the Division Review on Thursday and the farewell breakfast Sunday.


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