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Moissanites Are a Girl's Best Friend

Posted May 20, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Among the glitz and glamour of tonight's Emmys show, a Triangle company sparkled in the spotlight.

Hunter Tylo, an actress on "Bold and the Beautiful," was adorned with gemstones made in Morrisville. They may look like diamonds but they are moissanite, and instead of being delivered up by the Earth, their origins are in a laboratory.

C-3, Inc. discovered that gems that look almost exactly like diamonds could be turned out of a lab.

But there's a huge difference in price. You can buy moissanite for about a tenth of the cost of a diamond.

Since we first told you about this last year, moissanite can now be found in 150 stores, including several in the Triangle.

Jewelers have special instruments to distinguish between moissanite and diamonds.